Lights Out. Mind On!

Turn Out the Lights.
A simple, little four-word phrase that has so many meanings…
The obvious. Going to bed.
The end of something meaningful.
Incapacitating something or someone for a long period of time.

But then there’s another meaning. Which happens to be our favorite one: Disengage from the stresses, problems and anxieties of the outside world; maybe turn on some music; and just chill. Chill and let your mind wander off to better and brighter lands.

But, generally speaking, you can’t just get to that place with the snap of a finger. You need a catalyst. An invoker. A key if you will to get to that place.

Here. Take the keys. It’s the NEW! Delta Extrax Lights Out Collection of 300mg THCh THCjd Live Resin Gummies. And oh howdy, these keys will put the mechanisms in action to truly “Turn Out the Lights.”.

According to the fine folks at Delta Extrax, “. . these smacking, good-flavored gummies infused with a blend of THCh + THCjd. They’re more than just one hitter quitters; once it kicks in, you’ll see why these popular gummies are available in a 5-pack.”

Truer words may have never been spoken. While there are many, many, MANY CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10 and HHC Gummies currently on the market – so much so that they can probably all seem like they’re made by the same company and just re-packaged under a different brand name – these Gummies are different. Really, really different.

Of course, the first thing you notice about a Gummy is its taste. While often fleeting as you hurriedly chew it up, it does leave a lasting impression. Few things are more cringe-worthy than having to get through the horrid taste of something to get to the results. Not to worry. With unique and delicious Blood Orange, Guava Starfruit and Raspberry Sherbert to choose from (Our CBD VR Team of Contributors focused on the Raspberry Sherbert), you’ll not only avoid the cringe of having to taste it, you’ll actually enjoy it.

Once these little beauties are all eaten up and residing in your tummy, it’s time to “turn out the lights”. Turn off the TV, Streaming Service or whatever else is polluting your eyes at the moment. Put on some music (We enjoy Kashmir -or just about anything else from Physical Graffiti – by Led Zeppelin); turn down the bulbs; block out the annoying outside mind-snipping influences around you and let the alchemy of their substance transform your thoughts to pure bliss. And how do they do it so, so well. Try them for yourself. You’ll thank us later.