Delta-9 That’s a 10! Realize Products Review

The Realize Products Delta-9 Gummies That are a Definite 10!

You may not realize – or believe it – but according to the fine folks at Wikipedia, Delta-9 THC was first discovered and isolated by Israeli chemist Raphael Mechoulam in Israel in 1964. And yet, to many CBD and “Delta” banner-wavers, they would probably guess it to be a much newer discovery given its seemingly overnight sensation status amongst those seeking the best in Edibles and Oils. Delta-9. It is often considered to be Delta 8’s more mature and stronger “big brother”. If you want to know more about the specifics of Delta-9, there are many excellent resources out there, including this one.

And while there are numerous vendors out there that now offer Delta-9 products – many of which we’ve had experiences with – they’ve all been pretty parallel in their approach and relative potency. Thankfully though for all of us, every once in awhile, a company and/or a product comes along with a grand plan to shake things up and “upset the apple cart” of complacency and sameness. For us, that company is Realize – winners of the High Times Hemp Cup 2022 Awards for Best Edibles (Gummies) and Best Edibles (Non-Gummies).

Realize’ing How Fast Gummies Can Be
For our evaluation, we were sampling Realize’s NEW! Live Resin Gummies, Blueberry – Grandaddy Purple and Live Resin Gummies, Peach – Mimosa. Realize touts these Gummies as being Faster Acting than the typical 1-Hour Onset of most gummies. According to their site, they are “POW! Like a rocket ship. Effects as soon as 20 minutes.” It’s also important to mention that these gummies are 100% Hemp-Derived, Farm Bill Compliant AND all Realize products are well below the legal limit of 0.3% THC making it federally legal to buy and enjoy.

A Different Level
For the CBD VR Contributors, the evaluation of any CBD, Delta, HHC product is pretty standard. The product(s) is distributed to the team; they are sampled; and the results come in within a day or two. This time though, it was different. Very different.

Within hours, we were getting notifications about these Delta 9 Gummies. “Wow!” “FAST!” “Delicious.” “Smoooooooth” “Newbie Friendly.” These were just some of the kudos that were reflected back to us.

With this much positive feedback flooding in so quickly, the time was well at hand for the Primary Staff to give these gummies a go. And…Holy S**t!….are we glad we did! To begin with, any good gummy worth its weight has to be soft, relatively not-TOO-chewy and great tasting. Yes, yes and yes. These gummies were all of those — especially the easily fan favorite, Mimosa flavor.

And while those three things are all good, it’s still about the experience. The big claim to fame for these gummies is the speed at which the experience comes to light; and these definitely lived up to that. With 10mg per Gummy on tap, it’s also a nice happy point for those who want their experience to be pleasing; not overwhelming.

If you’ve been considering exploring Delta-9 products – the slightly heavier hitter to Delta-8 – these Realize Live Resin Delta-9 Gummies in Grandaddy Purple and Mimosa would be one of our most highly recommended brands to begin that trip with. They are a bargain at only $14.99 for a 10-Pack Resealable Pouch; and not only deliver great taste and great results, they are also coming from a very reputable vendor.

Try them for yourself and let us know what you think!