CBD Vendor of the Month

Berkeley Gold is a Texas-based hemp company, founded by a team of like-minded professionals dedicated to bringing high quality CBD based products to all. Our pharmacist formulated, 100% USA organic hemp derived products are lab tested to ensure consistency and transparency from seed to shelf. We are passionate about the hemp industry and stick to only the purest of ingredients in our product line. With Berkeley Gold, our passion and attention to detail is rooted in our mission to help achieve wellness for all.

Our Process for the Highest Quality CBD
At Berkeley Gold, we focus on having the purest process in everything that we do. From seed to extraction, we take no shortcuts in bringing you the purest product possible.

100% Organically Grown
Our CBD is always 100% organically grown from some of the best hemp farms in the U.S.A. No Pesticides, Non-GMO, and All-Natural.

Raw Hemp Processing
We process our hemp in high-end facilities with the best quality control measures, because when it comes to being pure, there’s no room for error.

Third Party Lab Tested
The reason we’re pure in everything we do, is because we want to earn the trust of our customers. That’s why every single product is lab tested by a non-affiliated third party lab and posted publicly online.

Quality and Taste Test
None of our products leave our facilities without being personally tested and tried by our team. We only sell products that we’ve experienced ourselves, so we know exactly what you’re getting.

Our Background
Our healthcare background taught us the medical standards and vision needed for product development, while staying true customer care. While our corporate headquarters is located in Dallas, our licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging facility is located in Conroe, Texas. At Berkeley Gold our entire process is dedicated to being the best.