CBD Vaping: A Guide for Newbies

In addition to capsules, creams, gummies, and oil tinctures, vaping with CBD is an increasingly popular option. We had our tester try out a CBD vape pen, and being a newbie to the vaping experience in general, she chose the product that seemed most user-friendly. 

Ordering Process

After reviewing her options from our website’s selection of CBD Vaping Pens, she chose to go with the Select CBD Cinnamon Pen Relax product. 

Both finding and purchasing this product was easy, due to the straightforward design of the Select CBD Website. Additionally, our tester was able to cash in on the EXCLUSIVE! KVR 20% Discount by using Coupon Code: KVR20 at checkout.

Receiving the Product

Shipping time is typically a positive indicator for a company’s overall quality and service. We were pleased when the product arrived only 2 days later, in smart-looking packaging.

select cbd wrapper
cbd vaping

The box itself was rather smaller than expected, but we appreciated the helpful information provided on the back. It included both the date and results of the plant’s initial lab testing before the CBD oil itself had been extracted. 

Additionally, the label verified exactly how much CBD is contained in each dose, as well as the possible amount of TCH. *This is important for those get drug tested at work, and there are many CBD products available that contain no THC at all.

Here is an image of the information on the back of the box:

select cbd product info 

The one bit of info that threw off our tester a bit was the statement that the pen has an “activation time” of 15 minutes. Assuming this was the length of time needed to charge the product’s battery, we were a bit perplexed to find that it did not come with a charger.

This is what we found in the box, and the only thing that was inside it!  

select cbd vape pen

So how does this thing work? After hunting down a helpful YouTube video online, it was discovered- to our relief- that the product is already charged and ready to go upon arrival. The only complaint thus far was that this helpful tidbit simply wasn’t outlined clearly on the packaging itself.

And as for that 15 minute “activation time?” That actually indicates how long the CBD takes to kick once you’ve used the vape!

The Select CBD Vaping Experience:

The final step- actually using the CBD vape- was quite enjoyable for our tester. The instructions suggested taking 1 six-second long hit, but she chose to split that in half since the experience of vaping in general was new to her. 

She reported the following effects:

  • The product only took 5 to 10 minutes to take effect; much faster than the advertised “activation time!” 
  • There was an almost immediate reduction in her anxiety levels.
  • A bit of back pain had been threatening to settle in, and that vanished as well.
  • After only 2 three-second long hits, she enjoyed a sense of pain-free serenity for a full two hours. 

If you are new to CBD; or CBD Vaping, we confidently recommend purchasing the Select CBD 250mg Relax | Cinnamon CBD Vape Pen. Hopefully this product review will help your initial experience go smoothly as well!